What is Ministry in Medical Missions?

Mission: Restore the dignity of individuals through medical and spiritual care by serving the poorest of the poor.

Ministry in Medical Missions works with Dr. Emmanuel Mareus (Dr. Manno) in Limbe’ Haiti. MMM aids in supporting Dr. Manno’s Sante 2000 Clinic in its mission to serve the poor with dignity and respect. MMM also supports periodic mobile clinics in the villages around Limbe’. Those identified in the mobile clinics as needing follow up care are seen at Sante 2000 Clinic.

Meet MMM

Dr. Manno

Dr. Manno

Dr. Emmanuel Mareus (affectionately known in his community as Manno)

Dr Manno grew up in Limbe’. He received his medical education in the Dominican Republic. Passing up opportunities to have a lucrative career in other locations, he returned to serve his home community in Limbe’. The majority of his patients do not have the ability to pay for their medical care. Dr. Manno is committed to providing care with dignity for his fellow Haitians.

Go to the “Coming Soon/News” page to watch YouTube interviews with Dr. Manno.

Marilyn Cluka

Marilyn Cluka, Co-Founder

Marilyn Cluka is an RN (MS, RN, PHN) who began her nursing career 40+ years ago. Currently she works with the MN Department of Health and lives in Barnum, MN. Her mission work began around 1990 when a friend invited her on a medical mission trip to Nicaragua. She had participated in these trips for 7 years when she felt called to lead a mission trip through her own church, Moose Lake Covenant Church. After meeting Pastor Caleb Lucien from Haiti, Marilyn was invited to lead a mission group combining construction work with leading a Christian women’s conference. In 2014 the group began these trips which have continued for the past 17 years.

After the earthquake in 2010 she was asked to lead a medical group to assist with the many health needs of the survivors. This led to her discussions with Joan Guite and the formation of MMM as described in Joan’s introduction below.

Joan Guite

Joan Guite, Co-Founder

Joan Guite is a retired RN who worked 40 years at Mercy Hospital in Moose Lake.  She started doing medical missions through the Northeastern Lutheran Synod in Duluth in 2006. She participated in 4 mission trips to Honduras.  After the fourth trip, the country developed instability and it was no longer safe to travel there. 

As friends, she and Marilyn Cluka started talking about the possibility of putting together a group of medical and non-medical persons to go to Haiti. In Jan. of 2010 a huge  earthquake rocked Haiti. In March, Joan, Marilyn and a team of medical and non-medical personnel went to Port au Prince and worked in a parking lot with a Pastor whose church was still intact.  The following 3 years they spent a couple weeks each year working in the nearby village of Little Guinea.  The third year in Little Guinea, they worked along side Dr. Manno and found they shared a common vision for care for the poor. Dr. Manno invited them to stay at his home in Limbe’ the following year and do mobile clinics in local villages. This was the start of Ministry in Medical Missions.

Volunteer teams

Volunteer Teams

For several years MMM has been able to provide mobile clinics which visit villages surrounding Limbe’. Volunteers pay their own travel, room and board expenses. They also fund raise to help purchase the needed medical supplies, hire taptaps (small pick-up trucks) for transportation to the mobile clinic sites and hire translators to accompany the team. Most patients being treated speak Creole.

Recently these trips have been postponed due to the pandemic as well as political unrest issues in Haiti. We plan to return to providing mobile clinics as soon as it is safe to do so. During this time, despite not being able to provide mobile clinics, we have been able to ship much needed supplies to Sante 2000 Clinic periodically to help them continue to function and serve.

Volunteers with medical backgrounds assist with evaluating patients, providing needed care, measuring and dispensing medications, as well as providing education on use of their medications and personal hygiene. Non-medical personnel help with registering patients, organizing the waiting areas and supplies, and praying with patients.

The “Gallery” page includes some sample photos from these medical missions.

About MMMs Organization

MMM is organized exclusively for charitable, medical and educational purposes. It provides international medical services to the poorest of the poor: whose survival is threatened by disease, violence, neglect, epidemics, malnutrition and natural catastrophes. The current focus of MMMs support is Dr. Manno’s Sante 2000 Clinic in Limbe’ Haiti.

The aid provided extends to instruction on prescribed medication use, dosage and side effects as well as nursing education in personal hygiene, dental hygiene, nutrition, and exercise to promote self-sufficiency.

The Medical Team is committed to bringing quality medical care to the people of the world, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. Volunteers who make up the mobile clinic medical teams must cover all of their own transportation and living expenses while working with the mobile clinics.

MMM is a Christ-centered, interdenominational, non-profit organization, and operates independently of any political agendas. It is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the umbrella of the Moose Lake Evangelical Covenant Church of Moose Lake, Minnesota.

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