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Another Shipment Sent – February 21, 2023

Nine large boxes have been filled with needed supplies and were shipped to Sante’ 2000 Clinic near the end of February. The boxes contained many needed supplies. Some were obtained from Cloquet Memorial Hospital supplies that were outdated and planned for disposal. Others were purchased at reduced cost from the Cloquet Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (such as glucometers and diabetic test strips). Some were supplies that had been donated by individuals. Other needed items were purchased with donated money. Thank you for your generous support that makes this assistance for Sante’ 2000 Clinic and Dr. Manno’s outreach and agape services possible.

Haiti Cholera Update – January 14, 2023

Recently the Haiti medical team sent $10,000.00 to help fight the Cholera outbreak.  We were a bit concerned as this large transfer would bring our funds very low.   We had been blessed with donations and a very successful concert fundraiser. This was an unusual occurrence for MMM to have this much in funds readily available.. This was a larger transfer than we have done before. But Dr. Manno had a plan and we trusted him, so we sent the money.  

Today Dr. Manno called (January 14):  There is a village where 15 people have died from cholera.  The motorcycle taxi will not take anyone from that village to clinic for fear that if they touch the people they will die too.  So yesterday Peter and Dr Manno went out to that village with a vehicle loaded with water, chorine for cleaning and prepared to educate the people there about cholera. 

When they arrived people came running to tell them of another young girl dying.  Dr Manno started an IV (which they have little access to but they were able to buy some IVs with the funds we sent) When Dr. Manno went back today this girl was alive and sitting up.  He said, if she hadn’t had the same clothes on today he would have thought she was a different person.  He said I want you to tell this story and show the pictures.  He said, I gave her picture a name :  “A 10,000.00 Dollar Smile”.

Dr. Manno said “I wish everyone could see the lives we are saving with those funds!” 

December 14, 2022

We heard from Dr. Manno that his clinic is being inundated with cholera.  They urgently need IV fluids. They can get the IV fluids at the border with the Dominican Republic. MMM is working to help supply funds for them to purchase IV fluids and necessary supplies for the clinic.  The clinic staff are creating a process of cleaning before and after each patient but need extra chlorox and cleaning supplies.


The music was exceptional and the evening was a very successful fund raiser for MMM. Thank you for your support! MMM is tremendously grateful to the Scott House for hosting this event.

Soireģe at Scott House

You are invited to an evening of song with baritone Elias Mokole and pianist Linda Turpening.

Date: Thursday, October 27, 2022
Time: 7 pm -8 pm music: Dessert and beverages to follow Place: Historic Scott House: 1321 County Road 4, Carlton, Mn Cost: Donations accepted and matched for Ministry in Medical Mission, a local nonprofit which helps support a small medical clinic in Haiti.

September 21, 2022

Another 7 boxes of supplies has been shipped to Dr. Manno’s Sante’ 2000 clinic. Thank you for your support that makes this possible.

July 26, 2022

The boxes that were shipped on June 4th have arrived at Sante’ 2000. They were very happy to receive them as they were in dire need of the wound care and diabetic supplies.

June 16, 2022

On June 16th, 2022 the Sante 2000 Clinic and Dr. Manno’s staff provided a free clinic to 50 patients who were otherwise not able to afford their needed care. MMM helped to sponsor this clinic. Your donations at work.

Patients waiting at Sante 2000 Free Clinic supported by MMM
Thank you to Peter-Marc for sharing some photos from this clinic.

June 4, 2022

On June 4th 2022 MMM was able to ship eight large boxes of supplies to Dr. Manno’s clinic. The boxes contained wound care supplies, bandages and diabetic supplies.

May 9, 2022

Joan Guite is one of the founding members and an RN working with MMM. She has passed on the following note and request:

Ministry in Medical Missions is a local, grass root, non-profit organization that has had an on-going 12 year working relationship with Dr. Manno at his clinic in Limbe’, Haiti. We collect unopened medical supplies and send them on to Dr. Manno, as we have been unable to make our annual trip due to civil unrest and Covid.

We are most interested at this time in wound care supplies.

If you or someone you know has wound care supplies that are no longer needed, please consider donating them to us. We do take outdated dressings and wound cleansers if they are only outdated one year. Please contact me at 218-485-1903

Thank you so much, Joan Guite RN


Letter Received March 11, 2022

Recent Letters from Dr. Manno describe the impacts of heavy flooding in the Limbe’ area. As a result of so many families losing everything to the flood, Sante 2000, Dr. Manno’s clinic is offering free clinics to those affected by the flood. They are seeing many patients with diseases due to contaminated water. Dr. Manno also shares some of his “wish list” for improving services to his community. Please read the letters below:


We are ok and the staff is motivated. We had some issues with the lab, they refused to be vaccinated. We had to ask them to stay home until they are vaccinated. We want a full vaccinated staff to create trust. Less patients are making it to the clinic because of financial issues. Half of our diabetics patients showed up one or two week after they ran out [of diabetic supplies] and the explanation always is “we didn’t have transportation money”. I am happy with the tele diabetic. It’s not perfect as some can’t read and interpret the result but for most patients it works they don’t come to the clinic as often as they use to and it allows me to give them a regular insulin to use if they blood sugar goes up.

The solar panels keep the clinic running 24/7. When the gallon of gasoline was 20 dollar US, we did not have to buy it. It’s the best investment we did for the clinic. It needs some improvement but it works

The biggest need [right now] is to build a small surgery room for diabetic foot that needs debridement or amputation of toes. Last time we help a patient pay 1000.00 US to amputate a toe in a private clinic. We are in partnership with three surgeon that will come to the clinic on call if we have the setting. The number of patients with ulcers that come to the clinic is alarming. The last one has been in the clinic [receiving care] for two weeks.

Homemade oxygen concentrator! [is another need]. In Creole we would say are you serious? If we didn’t have to buy a microscope (1000 us) we would have ordered an oxygen concentrator, the one we have works intermittently, we can’t run it for a full night and it consumes a lot of electricity

We are also working on putting a plan to help the victims of the flooding

The flooding has been bad. I started to feel the effects at the clinic with people coming with water related disease and can’t pay. We can’t estimate the cost of the flooding, the number of people that lost everything is more important. And the number of cows that were lost for a normal peasant livestock is their bank account. To lose everything in one day is terrible. We plan to buy filters and distribute them to help clean the water they are using. We would like to provide with cleaning tools. We would also like to buy at least 20 mattresses to support families. And the clinic will be free for anyone with water related issues for a week. For three months all Diabetics patients that come from the [flood] affected area, their treatment will be also free or as we say “Agape’.

From Emmanuel Maureus (Dr. Manno)

March 11, 2022


Received March 15, 2022 from Dr. Manno

Day 2 of the free clinic for the victims of the flooding we already see 160. It’s heartbreaking the number of people that was sick at home and people with high blood pressure. We have two at the clinic with cerebral accident and very young. We discovered three diabetics. I think we need to plan a free day clinic every month


A picture of one of Dr. Manno’s newly diagnosed diabetic patients


Excited to have been able to ship 6 large boxes of badly needed supplies to Dr. Manno today (Thursday 9/23/2021) . Thanks for your continued support. It makes a difference! Special thanks to Community Memorial Hospital in Cloquet and the Cloquet Medicine Shop for their assistance in obtaining needed supplies.


Interviews with Dr. Manno

Part 1


Part 2

Interview Part 2

Part 3

Interview Part 3


The Evening Of Gospel Music was a very successful concert and fund raiser. Thanks to all involved!

Watch the YouTube video by clicking on this link:

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