Donations to support MMM’s work are gratefully accepted.

You may donate by sending checks directly to:

Ministry in Medical Missions
3580 NW Townline Road
Barnum, MN 55707

Or you may donate through PayPal by selecting the link below.

Our 501c3 is under the umbrella of the Moose Lake MN Covenant Church. Donations through PayPal will be directed through the Covenant Church’s account, but, from there they will be fully utilized for MMM Haiti. Please feel free to add a note directing your funds toward your preferred MMM fund. (See the description of the fund options below) Undesignated funds are added to the Agape Fund. Thank you!

Volunteer team organizing medications and supplies for the next days mobile clinic

You may designate your funds to be used for any of the specific MMM funds described below or it will be used where needed most.

Diabetic Fund – This fund provides insulin and diabetic supplies through Sante 2000 Clinic to patients who could not otherwise afford them.

Mobile Clinic Fund – This fund provides the medications, bandages, and supplies needed to provide the mobile clinics as well as paying to hire translators needed to help the health care providers communicate with their patients.

Agape Fund – This fund provides medical care as needed for patients who simply cannot afford their own care. This funds name refers to unconditional love, this fund is a living example of showing love for our fellow man similar to the love God has for us.

Operating Fund – This fund helps cover other costs as needed to enable Dr. Manno to keep Sante 2000 Clinic running. In the past this fund has provided supplies such as gloves and wound care bandages. It was used to purchased a small autoclave for sterilizing medical instruments. On occasion this fund may be used to provide support for staff when clinic income has been insufficient to provide their usual salaries as has happened through the recent Covid 19 pandemic.

Special Project Fund – Occasionally the clinic may have a special request or project need. In the past this fund has been used to help install some solar panels to provide more consistent electricity to the clinic. Currently we have a request for 500 glucometers along with test strips and lancets for the clinics diabetic patients who live a distance from the clinic.

Note that volunteers who work on the mobile clinics pay all of their own expenses, including air fare, room and board. All funds donated to MMM are used for support of Sante 2000 Clinic and the mobile clinics for the surrounding area.

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